1. Generali betting on China to defend itself by growing

    Generali betting on China to defend itself by growing

    by Laura Galvagni

    In 2020 Asia will produce 28% of new business value, Frédéric de Courtois, CEO of Global Business Lines & International at Assicurazioni Generali (pictured) said in an interview. The insurer recently took steps to defend itself from a possible takeover by Intesa Sanpaolo

  2. Business & Economy

    Exports account for 60% of Italian luxury sales

    The outlook for Italy’ìs largest luxury groups is solid, according to a study by Mediobanca. The 140 businesses analyzed generated €62.6 billion in 2015, almost half of which (€30.3 billion) came from just 15 groups. Growth in 2015 totaled 9.4%, and the sector generated 4% of Italy’s GDP, writes Antonella Olivieri

  3. Football 24

    Reform of Serie A league has come to a deadlock

    A tug of war between the big and small football clubs has stalled the approval of reforms meant to change the Serie A league’s cumbersome governance. Behind the scenes is SS Lazio owner Claudio Lotito (pictured), one of the most powerful men in Italian football, writes Gianni Dragoni