1. Business & Economy

    Italy’s eight years of foot dragging on deregulation

    by Carmine Fotina

    24 Analysis

    The taxi drivers strike is highlighting the uncertainty created by continual delays promised market liberalizations. Despite the obligation to pass a law each year opening up sectors of the economy to competition, much of the deregulation remains half-finished

  2. EU to hold off on debt infraction procedure for Italy
    Public finance

    EU to hold off on debt infraction judgement

    by Beda Romano and Gianni Trovati

    The European Commission presents reports on eurozone countries today. On Italy, it will note the progress that the country has made over the past year, especially in modernizing the economy, but will not fail to point out the establishment's reluctance to deal with the national structural weaknesses

  3. Business & Economy

    Lineapelle and the Women’s fashion week get under way amid high hopes for 2017

    Started yesterday and running through Thursday, Lineapelle will host nearly 1,200 businesses at the Convention Center in Rho, including manufacturers of leather goods, accessories and specialists in textiles and synthetic materials. Women’s fashion week starts instead today, with presentations of 174 fall-winter collections in 70 runway shows and 104 events at showrooms or other locations, writes Giulia Crivelli