1. Business & Economy

    Italy’s recovery started in 2014, in line with rest of Europe

    by Davide Colombo

    The Italian economy recovered from the second dip of its long recession in 2014, instead of 2015, according to new numbers from Istat. According to March figures, GDP in 2014 was still negative by three decimal points, while it has now been corrected to 0.1% growth worth €8.4 billion, at market prices

  2. One month after quake, chaos reigns supreme
    Business & Economy

    One month after quake, chaos reigns supreme

    by Mariano Maugeri

    Refugees from the quakes that devasted the town of Amatrice in central Italy last month are beginning to roll up their tents as the weather gets worse, but most can’t return home. And the temporary housing modules won’t arrive for six more months, writes Mariano Maugeri

  3. Wine 24

    Alexis Paraschos' maverick Merlot

    This variety is often tired. But producer Alexis Paraschos restores his Merlot’s vitalityby natural vinification, where spontaneous fermentation precedes lengthy maceration on the skins and at least 3 years' élevage in wood, writes Claudio Celio

  4. Football 24

    Lazio's accounts are increasingly overdrawn

    The team lost €12.63 million for the period that ended June 30 after it registered €21 million in revenues in advance. The debate with stock market regulator Consob about this accounting practice is still ongoing and the club’s stock market value is now worth less than its players, writes Gianni Dragoni