1. European View

    Deutsche Bank is a new election headache for Merkel

    by Alessandro Merli

    24 Analysis

    With nearly 70% of Germans saying they are against state aid for Deutsche Bank, Chancellor Angela Merkel is keeping a low profile as much as possible. After having spent €240 bn on bank rescues, Berlin is now hoping for a private sector solution, also because any other option would be a blow to its credibility after it championed Europe’s new bail-in rules

  2. Wine 24

    Michele Perillo’s Coda di Volpe: brilliant child of Irpinia and serendipity

    The eighty-plus-year-old Coda di Volpe vines growing in Irpinia yield 1,500 bottles per annum. This white wine combines quaffability and richness on the palate. The bouquet is reminiscent of the livelier white flowers like acacia, and fruit, notably white peaches. A fine match with fish and with fried fare, Claudio Celio writes

  3. Arts and leisure

    Steve Wynn brings on the stage his acoustic soul

    Steve Wynn (pictured), the singer, guitarist and undisputed leader of The Dream Syndicate will perform a long tour across Italy with its last album “Solo! Electric (Vol.1).” Next week also the Night Beats, the Californian Crocodiles, Tommy Emmanuel, Roscoe Mitchell and Harold Mabern will play in different locations, Francesco Prisco writes