1. Business & Economy

    Foreign visitors and luxury drive the tourist industry in Italy

    by Chiara Beghelli

    According to a new 800-page report on the 2004-2014 decade by the Italian National Research Council, the country is beloved around the world but shows persistent problems. In 2014 tourism generated €94.8 bn, down 11% from 2011, and Italy’s share of the global market fell to 4.3% compared with 6.1% in 2000. Foreign tourists are on the rise as well as luxury accommodations

  2. Football 24

    S.S. Lazio gathered so far only 11 subscribers

    For owner Claudio Lotito, this is the hardest summer since when, twelve years ago he managed to buy the majority of S.S. Lazio. His popularity with the fans is at its lowest: they reproach him for failing to invest in the club. Market regulator Consob criticized the team’s questionable accounting practices, Gianni Dragoni writes