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Italy’s master jewelry heritage on show at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan

by Giulia Crivelli

The Club of Italian Goldsmiths is organizing an exhibition at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan, titled “Jewelry as Art and Food for the Soul,” which opened yesterday. The show will continue until July 27th and its goal is exploring this ancient craft, its historic heritage and modern-day developments in Italy, from superior craftsmanship and Renaissance workshops (showcased by Poldi Pezzoli’s permanent collection) to the entrepreneurial creativity and cutting-edge innovation of present craftsmen and manufacturers.

There is a great affinity between the exhibition and the prestigious Milanese museum, which has always had a propensity for arts and crafts, jewelry in particular – where art enhances art. The thread connecting the Club of Italian Goldsmiths and the Poldi Pezzoli Museum( ) is highlighted by the Club’s support in restoring two precious Limoges enamels to all their former splendor: the Peace with the Adoption of the Child and the Peace with the Pietas, both dating from the early 1500s.

The exhibition will feature thematic display cabinets showcasing individual names in Italian haute jewelry, which tell an ancient tale of excellence and elegance, craftsmanship and creativity that are uniquely Italian: not only is this country one of the leading jewelry producers and exporters in the world, but Italian goldsmiths are historically among the most innovative, both technically and aesthetically.

For the first time ever, Broggian, Cesari & Rinaldi, Chantecler, Fope, Forevemark, Enzo Liverino, Vendorafa Lombardi and Vhernier will be exhibiting items from their collections under the same roof, in a museum. These names all fully incarnate the values and standards of modern-day craftsmanship: their constant innovation in terms of materials, products and techniques never loses touch with tradition – with terroir, history and a heritage of excellence.

Among the objectives of the exhibition is allowing an international audience – whatever the age group – deeper insight into the know-how and exceptional skills, invention and ingenuity of Italian goldsmiths and their major role in Italian history and economy.