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Museum visits reach record high in 2015, Minister says

According to the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini, 2015 marked “an absolute record for Italian museums” in terms of visitors.

“It is the best result in our country’s history of our country,” said Franceschini yesterday, while illustrating the latest data of the Permanent Committee of Tourism in Rome. “Almost 43 million people have visited the national museums generating an income around €155 million.

Italy’s most-visited cultural attractions was the Colosseum (6,551,046 visitors, +6% compared to 2014, that means +369,344 entries).

The second prize goes to Pompeii excavations (2.934.010 visitors, +12%, meaning +312.207 entries). The third position is occupied by the Uffizi Gallery Museum in Florence (1.971.596 visitors, +2%, +35.678 entries).

Among the free attractions, the most visited is the Pantheon in Rome, followed by the Park of Capodimonte (Naples) and the Park of Miramare Castle (Trieste).

Minister Franceschini has compared the data of 2015 with those of the previous year: +6% visitors (around +2.5 mn); +14% in income (around +€20 million); +4% free entries (around +900,000).