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Romagna’s riviera lights up all pink for “Pink Night,” ready to host 3 million visitors

by Ilaria Vesentini

Romagna’s riviera is preparing to accomodate 3 million visitors this weekend, following the 2.5 million who attended 2016’s “Pink Night.” The event is the Adriatic coast’s “Summer New Year’s,” and this twelfth edition is set to break every previous record.

All of the 130 kilometers of coastline between Comacchio and Pesaro are already sold out for three days of concerts, shows, and meetings, with 400 scheduled musical and cultural events, 200 food and wine events, 2.5 million pink light bulbs lighting the beaches, 35 kilometers of pink lighting at the hotels, 10,000 pink beach chairs at the beach resorts, more than 15,000 pink flags blowing in the wind, 2,000 pink registration rolls, and pink is even dominating the colors in Romagna’s traditional ‘piadina’ wraps (a million are being prepared, of which 30,000 are colored pink).

These are just a few of the numbers about the event that have been spread by Emilia-Romagna’s APT Servizi organization. “This is a party for an entire country that chooses to flock to the streets and beaches in order to hang out and have fun, rather than staying cooped up indoors out of fear,” states Rimini Mayor Andrea Gnassi, as a way of explaining the 2017 event’s motto, “TogethER” (ER standing for Emilia Romagna).

This event was created in order to bridge the weekend gap in Romagna between when vacationers leave in late June, and when they arrive in early July; over time, this has become an excellent boon for the region. “Not just in terms of enhancing the intangibles that characterize our tourism industry—our welcoming attitude and our culture of hospitality and establishing relationships—but also for the economic boost that it generates,” comments Regional Tourism Assessor Andrea Corsini.

In light of the 8% spike in tourists over the first six months of 2017 and the boom in reservations—not just for Pink Night, but for the entire summer season—2017 is expected to bring a total of 50 million tourists to the region, just like back in the glory days.

The previous 11 editions of Pink Night brought in roughly €2.5 billion in revenue, with each edition individually accounting for more than €200 million. It’s a crucial contribution to Emilia-Romagna’s tourism industry, which represents 11% of the region’s GDP (€14.6 billion) and 160,000 jobs.

Some of the artists who will be brightening the riviera’s Pink Night include (among others) Samuele Bersani, The Kolors, Paola Turci, Litfiba and Thegiornalisti, Daddy G of Massive Attack, Lillo & Greg, Nina Zilli, Francesco Renga, and Ermal Meta.