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Denmark’s Danfoss reshores its hydraulic pumps production from Slovakia to Bologna

by Natascia Ronchetti

The Danish multinational corporation Danfoss – global leader in climate and energy solutions and hydraulic components - is the champion of a case of reshoring, which confirmed the ability of the Emilia Romagna region, to attract foreign investments.

In the coming months Turolla, the Bologna’s company merged with the Danish group 14 years ago, will absorb the production so far located in Slovakia. Although in that country Danfoss saved 35% on labour cost, they chose to focus on one of the most important hydraulic industrial district’s expertise. “Despite the difficult conditions in Italy, with bureaucracy in first place,” Domenico Cross, Chairman of Danfoss Power Solutions Italy admits. But in the Bologna area - high production density, great manufacturing tradition – there are all the conditions for ensuring “the trained engineers network, the research centres and the universities that we need”, the deputy Chairman and general manager of Turolla, Riccaro Carra., explains

Having sold the Villanova in Castenaso’s plant, located as well nearby Bologna, the company has identified a new settlement in Castel San Pietro (eight thousand square meters), from which the first hydraulic pump was issued yesterday.

The plant will go into production by the first months of next year. The transaction is worth €5 million. For the time being, it is non going to have an impact on employment, since the staff will consist of 100 out of the current 200 employees of Turolla. Next year though, it will allow the Danish group to begin a large - scale recruitment of new, highly competent professional figures, to complete the consolidation in Europe, whose foundations were laid in Denmark four years ago.

Danfoss has a turnover of €4.5 billion, about 22,500 employees and 59 production sites in 18 countries. Currently Turolla is planning to double production volumes and increase sales, estimated at €12 million, in Italy. The Bologna-based company - which has a registered office in the United States, offices in China, a branch in Turin and a second italian plant in Reggio Emilia - has a global turnover of €45 million, €20 million of which are generated in Italy: they will become €32 million.

Castel San Pietro is now the headquarters for the output of the hydraulic pumps with gears under Turolla trademark, whose production is absorbed for 50% by the US market, and for 46% by the European one. The Research and Development Center will also be based here, grounded on the high level professionalism of the labour force and on a network of subsuppliers capable of ensuring maximum speed, quality and innovation.