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Only Greece performs worse than Italy in female employment rate

by Claudio Celio

Employment rate of women in major countries of the EU in 2013

Percentage of female population, age group 20-64. (Source: Eurostat)

Italy has one of the lowest female employment rates in Europe. According to the most recent data published by Eurostat (2013) less than half of the Italian female population between the age of 20 and 64 is currently employed. In 2013, this percentage stopped at 49.9%. Only Greece with 43.4% has a lower rate.

Furthermore, the Italian female labor market participation rate has not risen at all in recent years. On the contrary: it has decreased since 2012 when the employment rate for women was 50.5%. Italy continues to stay well below the European average of 62.6%, far from the rates of countries such as France (65.6%) and even more distant from countries as the Netherlands (71.6%), Finland (71.9%) and Germany (72.5%).