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Italian-made scaffolding for the Prophet's Mosque in Medina

by Italy24 Staff

Pilosio, based in Tavagnacco, Udine, will supply the scaffolding for the expansion project of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. The commission has a €30 million value, and all of the scaffolding will be produced in Italy.

The project foresees construction that will last until 2020, for an estimated investment of $115 billion and 2 million square meters of surface area, for a total of 8 billion cubic meters of concrete.

Since 2011, Pilosio, with 180 employees, has grown at a rate of 30% annually, with a strong focus on foreign markets, almost all of which are outside of the EU, today making up 90% of the €140 million in turnover.

The Medina project doesn't just concern the expansion of the mosque and its piazza, that will be able to accommodate 1.2 million followers, but also the development of infrastructure of connections and surrounding buildings known by the name Al-Ruwaq.

The Medina project is one of the most important in the construction sector in the world, and will be considered so for the next few years.

“This project will guarantee work for our company until 2020,” explains Pilosio CEO, Dario Roustayan. “It is a commission that gives us further optimism and enthusiasm for the future as we welcome new investors into our group.”

In fact, in January Pilosio announced the transfer of control of the property to the Anglo-Swiss private equity fund, Columna Capital.