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Italy’s SACE economic trip to Mozambique and Congo: over €1 bn projects under evaluation

SACE is taking part in Italy’s economic trip to Mozambique and Congo. The trip is promoted by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development. The official delegation, headed by Deputy Minister Carlo Calenda, aims to increase the ability of Italian companies to penetrate these high-potential frontier markets.

In Mozambique, SACE is examining new projects to support exports and investments for a total value of €1 billion in a variety of sectors including oil & gas, construction, agro-industry, and other industrial technologies.

This figure reflects the dynamic nature of a steadily growing economy - at annual rates above 7% in the past four years - that can offer significant opportunities for both large companies and SMEs, because of large new investments in infrastructure projects (energy and building construction) and mineral extraction.

According to projections by SACE, Italian exports to Mozambique could grow by 5% annually in the next four years, driven primarily by the various segments of mechanical engineering.

In the Republic of Congo, Italian exports might increase by €80 million in 2015-2017, if exporters fully exploit the trend in the Country's demand for imported goods.

The principal driver of opportunities for Italian companies is an investment plan launched by the government to develop a network of basic infrastructure, transport and energy. There is also good potential for construction and tourism, due in part to the All-Africa Games, the African Olympics, currently being hosted in Brazzaville.