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Apple to open its first European iOS App Development Center in Naples

by Biagio Simonetta

Apple has announced it is opening the first iOS App Development Center in Europe – in Naples, Italy. The center will “provide students with the practical know-how and training to develop iOS apps for the world's most dynamic and innovative ecosystem of apps.”

Over the past three months, relations between the US multinational and Italy have become close. To start with, Apple CEO Tim Cook was a guest at the opening of the academic year at Bocconi University in Milan. Then, towards the end of 2015, came the agreement between the California-based multinational and Italian tax authorities, whereby Apple agreed to pay €318 million to put an end to the lengthy tug-of-war with the Italian Revenue Agency over taxes on sales effected in Italy. Now for the next step.

The iOS App Development Center will be located within a partner institution in Naples, and will support teachers and supply a specialization for thousands of future software developers, preparing them for Apple's thriving community of professionals.

Moreover, reads a company statement yesterday, Apple “will work with partner training institutions for developers throughout Italy so as to complement this curriculum and create further opportunities for students.”

The Cupertino headquarters expect to extend the program to other countries world-wide, but the fact that the project should start in Italy, in Naples, is surely an important signal.

“Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we are thrilled to help Italy's next generation of entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary know-how for success,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple provides Europe with over 1.4 million jobs, 1.2 million of which attributable to the community of app creators (software engineers and entrepreneurs who create apps for iOS, as well as jobs that are not directly connected to technology yet are supported, directly or indirectly, by the app economy).

The Apple App Store has allowed European developers to make over €10.2 billion from sales of its apps world-wide. In Italy alone, over 75,000 jobs are ascribable to the App Store.

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi stated yesterday that “Apple is about to start a wonderful new chapter in Naples employing around 600 people and its CEO, Tim Cook, will be here tomorrow”. Renzi then referred to the recent investments announced by another multinational, Cisco.