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Internship program aimed at young would-be artisans results in nearly 1,000 placements

by Cristina Casadei

The internship program called “Botteghe di Mestiere” to train young people in artisanal workshops resulted in 934 placements. The project is funded by Italia Lavoro, which is an agency at the Ministry of Labor.

More than 5,000 companies have participated in the call and according to the president and CEO of Italia Lavoro Paolo Reboani this “demonstrates the value of this work policy aimed at supporting companies in the recruitment and training of a specialized workforce; moreover, it points out the potential multiplying effect that professional workshops have on employment.”

This government program, which is also funded by the EU, was well received and could have created a larger number of internships if it had received more funding.

In fact, 5,000 companies took part to the project by activating around 8,000 internships in more than 900 workshops.

The internships are offered to people between 18 and 35 and their goal is to help them training in the main sectors of Made in Italy artisanal excellence .

More than 50% of the offers come from the agricultural, wine, food and food services sectors; 14% from large retail chains; 11% from engineering and 10% from clothing, fashion and footwear.

Interns receive €500 each month, while training companies and promoters get monthly €250 each, plus €500 for the whole process.

“Today the expected financing is around €5 million, but strong demand should make us ask serious questions at a national and regional level about the possibility of adding further funds,” said Reboani.

“The main goal of the Botteghe project is to create a skilled workforce for existing companies by hiring young workers to do highly-qualified work in specific sectors in order to compensate for the lack of certain professional profiles in some Italian regions,” he said.