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Milan at the center of urban projects worth €10 billion

by Sara Monaci

Milan is set for a makeover in the next 10 years. Summing up urban projects in the public and private sector, investments in the Lombard capital and its surrounding zones will total more than €10 billion. Public spending and planning will make the difference: while the State and local authorities are set to put up a third of the investments on average, in some cases that share rises to as much as 70%.

The former Expo area
The new redevelopment project of the area that hosted the 2015 Expo world fair is set to spring up in the Rho municipality, to the North West of Milan. There are 1.2 million square meters that will be sub-divided in three parts: on one side, there will be the scientific faculties of the University of Milan, which will be transferred here with an investment of around €380 million; the other side will be for companies interested in moving their headquarters or expanding their laboratories; in the middle there will be the Human Technopole, for which the State has set aside €1.5 billion in public funds spread over the next 10 years. This will be a research center into the human genome, which will have links with both the academic and business world.

The new Cascina Merlata district
The new Cascina Merlata district will be created in the same area, with €1 billion of investments by the company Euromilano: this will include a sustainable housing center, characterized by a mix of residential houses at reduced rents, new school buildings and parks. While the science faculties of Milan University (apart from medicine) will move to the Rho zone, the Milanese university district “City of Studies” will be freed up.

The City of Studies zone
Italian state-owned land and property agency Demanio seems intent on transferring its offices currently spread across the city to this area, bringing together its 1,600 employees and in this way creating a “citadel of administration”. The universities Bicocca and Politecnico could also bring some activities here, for an investment that could reach as much as €200 million in this historic district of Milan.

City of Health in Sesto San Giovanni
The “City of Health” will spring up in the zone to the North-East of Milan, in the nearby municipality of Sesto San Giovanni. The project initially suffered setbacks due to appeals to the TAR administrative court by companies who lost out. Now the tender has been awarded to the grouping led by Condotte, for a public investment of around €370 million, as well as €80 million for the land reclamation carried out by MilanoSesto, owner of 1.4 million square meters of the former Falck industrial area, and another €80 million of private resources for the almost 30-year concession. The project could be ready for 2022, and foresees the transfer of the Milanese hospitals Besta and the tumor institute. A technology pole will also take form in the area, with a further €3 billion, which MilanoSesto is also working on, in one of the few cases of purely private investment.