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The government allocates €200 million for reconstruction and economic support to areas devastated by the quake

The decree-law approved yesterday by the government has set aside €200 million for reconstruction and support for the economic recovery of areas in central Italy devastated by the August 24 earthquake.

Measures planned include full compensation for houses and buildings that were hit, loans for the relaunching of productive activities, unemployment insurance for workers at companies affected by the earthquake, and deferment of taxes for individuals and companies who are able to prove that their inability to pay is strictly linked to the disaster.

To ensure standards of legality and transparency in all phases of the reconstruction, the decree envisages a unique central purchasing body, a register of companies and professionals and constantly updated data. It also appoints the national anti-corruption authority ANAC to supervise reconstruction.

The total allocation for the first phase of works is more than €300 million, while all the measures involved in the reconstruction are worth €4.5 billion, including €3.5 billion for private buildings and about €1 billion for public buildings, resources that have already been foreseen in the budget law that the government will adopt on Saturday.

The area of the “crater” of the earthquake, where the majority of the funds will be concentrated, includes 62 municipalities.