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Legge delega

An "enabling law," or type of legislation approved by Parliament that gives the government the authority to legislate by executive order (see decreto legge). Renzi's government has been mandated by parliament (“delegated”) to carry out tax reforms, for example.

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  1. Government policies

    Italy's reforms face long, uphill climb

    by Il Sole24Ore staff

    "We have a thousand days left, our last chance after wasting so much time," Prime Minister Matteo Renzi told parliament when he presented his "Thousand Days" reform program. "Reforms must be ...

  2. Government policies

    Renzi's most important labor reform is on its way

    by Alberto Orioli

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    The enabling law of the Jobs Act in parliament right now is the most important part of the labor reform initiated by the government of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. This “enabling law” framework chosen by the government gives it broad powers to write the fine print of the reform without it having to be approved parliament. For the first time, a new way of entering the labor market has been created, with new full-time contracts that offer progressive (rather ...

  3. Laws and taxes

    Jobs Act: what could change with the new rules

    by Italy24 Staff

    Italy’s government has proposed changes to a draft law known as the Jobs Act that are aimed at encouraging companies to hire new workers on a full-time basis by making it easier for companies to ...