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Forza Italia

Forza Italia is a business-friendly center-right political party. It was founded by media mogul Silvio Berlusconi in 1993, when a corruption scandal prompted the Christian Democrat party to implode and a victory of the post-communist party PDS appeared likely. Forza Italia, using candidated picked by Berlusconi's advertising division Publitalia, won the March 1994 elections, and Berlusconi has used the party to win two other national votes, without ever definitively settling the conflict of interest issue stemming from his Mediaset media empire. In 2007 Forza Italia merged with smaller partners to former the People of Freedom party, which won the 2008 vote. Forza Italia has since splintered back out of that larger party. However, hobbled by Berlusconi's personal legal woes, it suffered its worst-ever performance winning 16% of the May 2014 European parliamentary vote. The party's future is uncertain, as it has amassed significant debts and Berlusconi, banned from holding office, has not chosen who shall be its next leader.

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