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The Senate is the upper chamber of the Italian parliament. It consists of 315 elected members and a handful of lifetime senators nominated by the president of the Republic for notable achievements in the arts or science or, as is often the case, politics. Italy has a "perfectly bicameral" system in which both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have identical functions and powers and both must approve all legislation often leading to delays. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's is in the process of converting the upper chamber into an assembly for regional and local politicians and task it with specific powers in Italy's evolving federal structure, in a reform aimed to speed up the passage of laws.

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  1. Politics

    Italy's week ahead in Parliament

    by Roberto Turno

    Five main measures are on the calendar this week in Parliament: the reform of criminal procedure with new set periods for statutes of limitations; new legislation to support the film and ...

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    Immigration in figures

    From the start of this year, 59,600 new arrivals Since the start of 2015, 59,600 immigrants have arrived in Italy. There have been 428 landings. 92% of the boats are coming from Libya. This is the ...

  3. Business and economy

    A radical reform of public tender regulation is needed to avoid other viaduct's collapses

    by Giorgio Santilli

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    Italy’s public works sector, already under the spotlight due to the several cases of corruption racking it, received another crushing blow after a viaduct in Sicily, inaugurated in advance on December 23 2014, was closed after it collapsed internally. Only a radical reform of the public tender regulation– it has to become simpler, more transparent, more technology-based, and an accountability mechanism has to be created– might help the sector recover some efficiency and ...

  4. Politics

    Italy's week ahead in Parliament

    by Roberto Turno

    Three days of work, which promise to be intense, mark the final pre-Christmas efforts for the Italian Parliament. Everything, both legislatively and politically, revolves ...

  5. Politics

    The week ahead in Parliament

    by Roberto Turno

    Institutional reform, including the demise of the Senate as it stands today, is still stuck in a quagmire of strenuous political negotiation. The year-old bill set to open the market to the ...