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Matteo Renzi

Date and place of birth: Jan. 11, 1975, Florence.
Current position: Secretary General of the center-left Democratic Party.
Previous: Prime Minister of Italy (the youngest since Italian unification in 1861) from February 2014 to December 2016. President of the Council of the European Union (2014); President of the province of Florence (2004-2009) and Mayor of Florence (2009-2013).
Education: Degree from the University of Florence in Law.
What you should know: He is called "il rottamatore," often translated as “the scrapper” or "the demolition man" for his forceful critique of Italy's political system when he was mayor. He clashed sharply with the public employee unions. He won support of opposition leader and disgraced former PM Silvio Berlusconi for his reforms in a political deal that many in Renzi's own Democratic Party find distasteful. The deal however gave his government the stability that the previous two had lacked. In Europe, Renzi has frequently challenged fiscal austerity.

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