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Headquarters of: Fiat, Intesa Sanpaolo, Lavazza, Pininfarina, Seat PG, SIAS.
Birthplace of: Gianni Agnelli, Antonio Gramsci, Primo Levi, Gian Maria Gros-Pietro.
Famous for: Mole Antonelliana tower, Juventus and Turin soccer clubs, "bicerin" coffee drink.
Leading political party: Five Star Movement, the party created by comedian Beppe Grillo.

Population 902,137
Italian population 59,685,227
Ranking of the city in terms of population 4

Source: Istat, 2013

1) Wealth
Gdp per capita EUR/year, 2014

3) Consumption
Per capita expenditure in cars,
motorbikes and electronics
EUR/year, 2014

5) Exports

7) Bank deposits
Bank deposits per capita EUR

9) Entrepreneurship
Registered companies per 100 inhabitants

2) Unemployment
Unemployment rate

4) Justice system
Ratio of judgements per pending/new cases
in 2014 x 100

6) ICT diffusion
Broadband coverage (% of population)

8) Youth
Share of population under the age of 30

10) Education
N. of graduates every 1,000 people aged
between 25 and 30 in 2014
Sources: (1) Istituto Tagliacarne, (2) Istat, (3) Findomestic, (4) Ministry of Justice, (5) Prometeia, (6) Osservatorio Banda Larga, (7) Abi-Bankitalia, (8) Datagiovani, (9) Infocamere, (10) Ministry of education

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