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In recent years Puglia successfully developed an important tourism industry thanks to its stunning coastline and historic cities like Otranto, Ostuni, Gallipoli and Lecce, known as "the Florence of the South." The region is also famous for its agricoltural products (oil and wine in particular) as well as for its vibrant fishing industry. Puglia has one of the fastest growing GDPs of southern Italy despite Sacra Corona Unita, a regional criminal organization (less powerful than those in Campania, Sicily and Calabria).

Population 4,050,803
Italian population 59,685,227
Ranking of the region in terms of population 8

Source: Istat, 2013

1) Wealth
Gdp per capita EUR/year, 2014

3) Consumption
Per capita expenditure in cars,
motorbikes and electronics
EUR/year, 2014

5) Exports

7) Bank deposits
Bank deposits per capita EUR

9) Entrepreneurship
Registered companies per 100 inhabitants

2) Unemployment
Unemployment rate

4) Justice system
Ratio of judgements per pending/new cases
in 2014 x 100

6) ICT diffusion
Broadband coverage (% of population)

8) Youth
Share of population under the age of 30

10) Education
N. of graduates every 1,000 people aged
between 25 and 30 in 2014
Sources: (1) Istituto Tagliacarne, (2) Istat, (3) Findomestic, (4) Ministry of Justice, (5) Prometeia, (6) Osservatorio Banda Larga, (7) Abi-Bankitalia, (8) Datagiovani, (9) Infocamere, (10) Ministry of education

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