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Matteo Salvini

Date and place of birth:March 9, 1973. Milan.
Current position: Secretary of the Northern League (Lega Nord). Member of the European Parliament.
Previous: Member of the City Council of Milan from 1993 to 2013.
Education: Degree from Liceo Classico Manzoni in Milan.
What you should know: Member of the Lega Nord Party since 1990, Salvini has been the leader of the Lega Nord Youth branch from 1994 to 2004. He was then elected Secretary of the Lega Nord in Milan. He has been the Editor in Chief of Radio Padania (the official Radio of the Lega Nord Party) since 1999.
In December 2013 Matteo Salvini has become the Secretary of the Lega Nord Party and he is now one of Italy’s most influential politicians.
He replaced the once charismatic leader and founder of the Lega Nord Party, Umberto Bossi, who stepped down in 2012. With Matteo secretary of the party, for the first time in its history the heart of the Lega becomes Milan-centric, after an exile of 20 years to the greater Lombardia and Veneto provinces.

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