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Iran nuclear agreement welcomed by Vatican as a “major achievement”

by Carlo Marroni

The Holy See has long called for an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. And in recent months, Rome and Teheran have opened a channel of inter-religious dialogue, which has been very significant for Iran’s Shiite leadership especially in this historic phase when the Sunni monarchies are considered the guardians of the new Islamic extremism.

The “Shiite option” then, rewards the foreign policy of the Holy See and many authoritative voices of the Catholic world, including the Community of Sant'Egidio.

At the announcement of the nuclear accord, the Vatican said it sees the agreement on Iran's nuclear program “positively,” as a “major achievement” in the negotiations, “but one that requires continuation of efforts” to bear other “fruits.”

“Fruits that hopefully will not be limited” to the nuclear program, but will eventually spread out in more directions, it said.

Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi, permanent observer of the Holy See to the UN in Geneva, told the microphones of the Vatican Radio: “Iran is an integral part of the dialogue and negotiation that can lead to peace or, at least, the immediate cessation of violence in the Middle East and in particular, with regard to Syria, to find a common, coordinated and reasonable response by the international community to the elusive Islamic state, which only brings evil and negative consequences not only in the region but also in other parts of the world.”