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Pope followers on Twitter reach the 33 million mark

by Carlo Marroni

He is a record-breaking pope, even on social networks. A few days after the beginning of the fifth year of his pontificate -- he was elected on March 13, 2013 -- the Pope's Twitter account broke a new record, reaching 33 million followers.

As mentioned by “Il Sismografo,” a website specializing in Vatican news, the 32-million-follower threshold was reached last December.

The @Pontifex account -- available in nine languages -- proved to be one of the most popular on the widely used social network and the most followed account among those belonging to religious leaders.

Among the followers of the Pope's Twitter account, Spanish speakers are the largest group with 38.39% of the total (or 12,668,998 people), followed by English speakers, with 31.81% (10,497,740 people) and Italian speakers, with the 12.86% (4,245,378 people).

The Pope's Twitter account in Latin has a whopping 765,056 followers.