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The week ahead in Parliament

by Roberto Turno

Justice and ethical issues are bound once again to dominate political debate in Parliament. And possibly overheat it.

With work on two new laws to be set in motion, that, starting from today, will be the Chamber of Deputies’ main focus this week: on the one hand, the so-called living will, namely patients’ statements regarding end-of-life care, that strongly clashes with religious beliefs in the country, due to pressure from the Roman Catholic Church; and secondly, the possibility for magistrates to run for political elections, a stance that was once countered by right-wing parties, that opposed the active participation of magistrates in politics unless they left the judiciary.

This position has now gained ground within the Democratic Party of former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who, perhaps not accidentally, has been in the past few weeks at the center of investigations.

The coming parliamentary week will therefore keep the spotlight on politics.
Also because there are other important measures to be tackled, that are, in their own way, somewhat divisive: the Decree on immigration, in the first place, but also the Decree on the actions in favor of the people of Central Italy, an area that was repeatedly hit by earthquakes in 2016 and 2017.

Further news are expected before Easter from the parliamentary committees: in particular, the measures on welfare for self-employed workers and the reform of the criminal and civil trial.

Discussion on the reform of the electoral law, by contrast, will be postponed: the political time is not ripe yet, but perhaps, rather, the Democratic Party, Italy’s largest party, does not wish o tackle this issue before the primary election for a new party leader.


Monday, March 20

- Decree Law on earthquakes (Floor, Chamber of Deputies).

- Possibility for judges to run in elections (Floor, Chamber of Deputies).

Tuesday, March 21

- Decree law on immigration (Floor, Senate).

- Living will (Floor, Chamber of Deputies).

- Reform of civil trial (Committee, Senate).

Wednesday, March 22

- Welfare for self-employed workers (Committee, Senate).