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Istat, Cerved and SpazioDati join forces to make real estate market more transparent

by Paola Dezza

Cerved, Istat and SpazioDati are ready to join forces in a strategic partnership for the proDataMarket European project. The project is financed by the European Commission for a net worth of €3.5 million and aims at creating the infrastructure for a database on real estate, land and the analysis of broader socio-economic trends accessible both with open and paywall systems.

The collaboration is part of the Horizon2020 program. This is co-financed by the European Union and has the intent of promoting innovation and research among member countries and boost Europe's competitiveness at a global level.

The countries involved are four: Italy, Spain, Norway and Bulgaria.

“The European project is part of a broader push for product innovation, in the real estate data sector in particular. Such area is the traditionally Cerved's domain, but eight other partners will be part of the European project,” says Stefano Gatti, head of IT, innovation & data sources, at Cerved.

“The goal of the European community is to build a service for the benefit of the citizen starting from this database and with the ultimate intent of making the real estate market more transparent and efficient. For the corporate as well as the retail market. In order to do this, the database is gathering data and information stemming from all European districts. The European project will create value from ’big data’ and will give incentive to the birth of innovative products and services that will benefit global competitiveness,” adds Gatti.

Cerved is a company specialized in offering products and information services for financial institutions, companies, insurers, public administration, professionals and individuals. Its customers use its database to evaluate the solvency and creditworthiness, monitor and manage credit risk and assess and manage non-performing loans.

Istat is Italy's national statistics bureau. It has been operating since 1926 and is the main producer of official statistics supporting citizens and policy-makers. Istat is part of the European Statistics System and collaborates with the other members of the international statistics system.

SpazioDati is a company specialized in leveraging big data & semantic web technologies to build graphs sourced from hundreds of open and proprietary datasets.