FDI Attraction: the Italian way

Key facts and trends

Key facts and trends

ITA opens nine Desks around the globe to reach out to investors

The first Desk to attract foreign investments debuts in Istanbul, Turkey: a total of nine antennas around the world that will have the task of intercepting and following “on site” in eight countries the economic players with the most promising investment intentions for Italy.

After Istanbul the next stops are Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, important financial and commercial centers in which the Desk specialist will work in synergy with the offices of the Italian Trade Agency and the embassies to support the investor during the entire life cycle of the investment with an emphasis on the early stages of the process.

Chosen among experts from investment banks, large multinationals, investment funds and strategic consulting firms with specific experience in attracting foreign investments, the specialist will be responsible for promoting the Italian economic potential with the target investors, enhancing especially concrete opportunities for investment.