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  1. Detour 24

    Matera, from forgotten city to European star

    by Eliana Di Caro

    “Is it in Molise? Is it in the Marche region? Where is it exactly? How do you get there?” were the questions which until not long ago I was frequently asked regarding Matera. This gives a hint about ...

  2. Detour 24

    Lecce, where baroque is at its sweetest

    by Alfredo Sessa

    Lecce is a city that is so far from the rest of Italy that it has to be reached with determination and never by chance. Located in the Salento, an area at the extreme end of the region of Puglia, ...

  3. Detour 24

    All the secrets of a day in Turin

    by Marco Masciaga

    Turin has been so often described as being far more lively than the old cliché about it being a “grey city,” that talking about its wealth of cafes, quirky little shops, festivals and exhibitions ...