• 16 Mar 2015
  • Italy has one of the lowest public expenditure per person in Europe

  • In 2013, the Italian public administration spent nearly €13,500 per person. Italy's public spending per capita is lower than that of Europe's largest economies. In 2013, Italy was 12th in the European ranking, behind the UK (€14,269 per person) and Germany (€15,167). The biggest spenders on the ranking were Luxembourg (more than €36,000 per citizen), Denmark (more than €25,000) and Sweden (more than €24,000). Other Northern European countries followed. Among the major European Union economies, only Spain spent less than Italy (€9,975 per citizen). Finally, the public expenditure of nearly all new countries that entered the EU was inferior to the average of the other 28 member states. Data from national institute of statistics Istat and EU statistical office Eurostat shows that central and northern Italy have a higher public spending per capita in comparison to the South, although the gap has reduced.