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  1. Markets

    Record-breaking buy-back with syndicated exchange smooths the edges of the biggest BTP Italia ever

    by Isabella Bufacchi

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    The biggest issue ever placed by the Italian Treasury in one shot is the BTP Italia maturing November 12 for €22.4 bn. It is just too big, a monster dimension, not easy to be refunded there again in one shot: its size had to be reduced, to smoothen the liability management of Italy’s public debt. But how? The BTP Italia is a special bond, linked to the Italian inflation rate and aimed at retail investors: ...

  2. Public finance

    Tweaking the deficit may avoid a VAT increase next year

    by Dino Pesole

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    The road toward greater budget flexibility in Europe in 2018 is set to pass through a revision of deficit targets. This is how Italy may be able to avoid a hike in value-added tax (VAT) which is set to kick in next year, and may be able to achieve greater room for “expansive” budget measures to boost growth. Now that the Italian government has received the green light from the EU Commission for its 2017 accounts, it is starting to ...

  3. European view

    Euro, the big defeat for the economics profession

    by Alberto Bagnai

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    The euro has been the greatest success of economic science but is becoming the most humiliating defeat for the economics profession. I thank Il Sole 24 Ore for it openness in allowing me to set ...

  4. European view

    Italy unfit for the Eurozone?

    by Paul De Grauwe

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    Italy’s economic performance since it joined the Eurozone has been dismal. GDP per capita of Italy is now lower than at the start of the Eurozone in 1999. This means that the Italian ...