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  1. Business and economy

    Falcone's motto "follow the money" still potent tool against Mafia on 25th anniversary of his murder

    by Roberto Galullo

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    The investigative legacy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “great friend” Giovanni Falcone -- the anti-Mafia magistrate whose motto was “follow the money”-- continues to live on at the FBI twenty-five years after the massacre in Sicily on May 23 in which Falcone lost his life, along with his wife and his three-man police escort. Falcone’s method is still relevant today, said Kieran ...

  2. European view

    Euro, the big defeat for the economics profession

    by Alberto Bagnai

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    The euro has been the greatest success of economic science but is becoming the most humiliating defeat for the economics profession. I thank Il Sole 24 Ore for it openness in allowing me to set ...