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  1. Business and economy

    Italy sees first effects of the virtuous circle in high-tech

    by Luca Orlando

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    “Not doing it would be foolish,” explains Italian machinery industry executive Claudio Piccinini when asked about investing in high tech capital goods. “Our investment is a couple of million euros,” he said. “We are investing six million,” adds his peer Luciano Sanguineti, “and we are preparing for future growth”. And these were not isolated cases among entrepreneurs and managers gathered in ...

  2. Markets

    Lavazza buys 80% of Kicking Horse Coffee

    Yesterday Italian coffee maker Lavazza said that it has bought an 80% stake in the Canadian firm Kicking Horse Coffee from the private equity Swander Pace Capital. The deal values Kicking ...

  3. Business and economy

    Confindustria asks for "governability and stability": the return to a proportional electoral law isn't a solution

    by Paolo Pombeni

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    Confindustria President Vincenzo Boccia sent a clear message to the country’s society and politicians in his speech during the annual assembly of the employers’ association: Confindustria does not reason like a lobby, but like an important intersection of the country’s ruling classes. This is because Confindustria reaffirms that “our strength comes from feeling part of a community,” “a political actor, but equidistant ...