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  1. Business and economy

    Italy sees first effects of the virtuous circle in high-tech

    by Luca Orlando

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    “Not doing it would be foolish,” explains Italian machinery industry executive Claudio Piccinini when asked about investing in high tech capital goods. “Our investment is a couple of million euros,” he said. “We are investing six million,” adds his peer Luciano Sanguineti, “and we are preparing for future growth”. And these were not isolated cases among entrepreneurs and managers gathered in ...

  2. Business and economy

    Italy needs a tax wedge cut and more investments to emerge from labor productivity quagmire

    by Alberto Orioli

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    Optimists read the sharp drop in labor productivity in 2016 (down 1.2%) as the other face of a higher employment rate partly due to the impact of the Jobs Act. The idea is the following: doing the same things with more people. Whatever the case, this doesn’t resolve the big Italian dilemma of a stagnating or falling labor productivity since 2000-2001 and of a flat productivity, alone in Europe, since 1995-96. The ...