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  1. Business and economy

    Manufacturers are starting to borrow again

    by Luca Orlando

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    More investment, fewer bad loans. The Bank of Italy's January data shows a gradual improvement in the manufacturing sector, where the amount of risky credit is starting to show a significant reduction. Gross bad loans for manufacturing (non-financial companies or family businesses) stood at €32.8 billion: €741 million less than in December of 2016. Compared with January of the previous year, they fell by ...

  2. Business and economy

    Italy's non-existent bank rescue strategy

    by Luigi Zingales

    24 Exclusive content for IT24

    Fifteen months have gone since the “rescue” of the four regional banks and almost one year since the creation of the government mandates and privately funded bank rescue fund Atlante . After all this time, we can conclude that the strategy adopted by the government of postponing the resolution of banks' problems and pretending they are not so serious (a strategy also known as “extend and pretend”) is not working. Deferment has cost Italy ...