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Property prices in residential sector expected to be stable in 2017 and to rise in 2018

by Claudio Celio

Isi Index on Real Estate Transaction in Italy in the last 12 month

(Source: Scenari Immobiliari for Italy24)

Conditions appear favorable for the development of the real estate sector: strong liquidity, low interest rates, presence of a wide range of opportunities at low prices compared to the past, volatility and low profitability in other investment sectors.

These are the indications from the ISI index calculated by the Scenari Immobiliari research institute.

In the residential sector, property prices are expected to be stable in 2017 and to rise in 2018, due to an increase in buying activity.

In the tertiary/offices sector there is an increase in demand not just on the part of investors but also from companies that are looking for modern or better equipped spaces.

In the commercial sector, on the other hand, recent investments are concentrated on commercial centers capable of offering a wide range of services for free time, with increasing attention towards restaurant and catering services.